A Blog Debate: Zombies vs Unicorns

Lately a couple of the blogs I follow have recently hosted blog parties. Blog parties are basically like the TCWT Blog Chain, where the the host gathers up lots of people and they all write a post with a certain theme. Then they link back to the original blog/post.

I wanted to do this, but I couldn’t think of a theme that was actually interesting. Then, a few days ago in the library, I stumbled upon a book called Zombies vs Unicorns. (The picture above is from that book.) Much to my disappointment, the book is not about a huge battle to the death between Zombies and Unicorns (dibs on that plot line, by the way), but instead it’s made up of a bunch of short stories about either zombies or unicorns, and the whole debate is about which fictional creature makes better fiction.  The book is awesome.

But this debate isn’t about that. Well, it could be about that, but it could also be about a bunch of other things, not just about which makes better fiction. It could be about which creature would win in battle, which creature is cooler looking, which creature would be most useful, and so on.

So far, I’m on the unicorns’ side. I know what some of you are thinking: “Matt, are you on crack? Zombies are sooo much better than unicorns!”

My response to people who may be thinking that is yes, maybe I’m choosing the wrong side, maybe I’m not. It’s your job to persuade me. And no, I am not on crack. Everyone knows I prefer LSD instead.

Here’s how the Blog Debate works:

Comment in the post below, saying which side you’re on. You could also surprise me by not commenting and then posting anyway, but please don’t.

HQYMA (Hypothetical Questions You May Ask):

  • What up with these green and blue fonts? They’re made to distinguish between the question and the answer.
  • When do I publish my post? You can post it any time from May 6th to May 10th (It’s one of those work week parties). Don’t forget to link back to this site so I know you posted.
  • What if I can’t choose a side? You can write about that as well.
  • What if I love/hate them both equally? You can write about that as well. 
  • Can I write about dragons? Dragons are cool. No, you cannot write about dragons. Although, if this blog debate does well, there will be a sequel blog party, called Dragons vs Vampires, which is another reason to join.
  • Were you serious about preferring LSD? You know that’s really bad for you, right? No, I wasn’t serious, although I appreciate your concern.

Now for some super subtle persuasion: 

photo credit: Foreverliving.com
photo credit: wikpedia
“Join me, and together we could rule the galaxy.”

I think you get the point.


12 thoughts on “A Blog Debate: Zombies vs Unicorns

  1. Unicorns for the win, of course. They have freaking magical horns.
    How do I say when I post? (I’m not on WordPress, I’m on Blogger.)

    1. I know right? The horns are my main reason for siding with them. Legend has it that unicorn horns can bring someone back from the dead (which is also how zombies were created, according to the book).

      What do you mean? Even if you’re on blogger, all you have to do is link back to this post anytime from May 6th to 10th and I’ll be notified that you wrote it.

      1. You mean copy the link from this post into my blog post? Lol, I’ve never done anything like this. I’m fairly new to blogging. (three or four months..)

  2. *cough* unicorns *cough*
    Sure, zombies can infect others, but you can’t beat a magical creature! Not to mention that the magic blood of a unicorn would probably turn a zombie back to a human, anyway.

    1. That’s true, but one can argue that zombies are magical as well. Legend has it, they were first created when a a reckless unicorn used his horn to bring a dead guy back to life. It only sorta worked.

      1. Did this legend originate just now?
        One could also ague that Unicorns are better in battle because they have the use of all five senses (plus a possible magic sense), unimpaired by the decay of their flesh. And they have full use of their brains.

      2. Plus, they have super pointy horns.

        This legend actually originated in the first short story of the book Zombies vs Unicorns.

      3. It doesn’t really matter; this blog debate thing was sort of a flop. I myself even forgot about it. You can still write a post about it if you want and I’ll include you in my next post 🙂

  3. While Unicorns are, of course, awesome, we all know that Zombies make for the better stories. It’s, like, a fact created by science or something. (I’m also on Blogger/Blogspot/whateveritiscalled)

    1. That’s true. Why else do you think there’s so many zombie books, movies and tv shows out there?

      And it doesn’t matter if you’re on blogger/blogspot as logs as you link back. 🙂

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