Christmas Themed Blog Party, Anyone?

It’s that time of year, people—when most adults are stressed out, people start to gain weight, and there are occasional debates on whether to say “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays.”

(You say “Happy Holidays,” people. Because as it turns out, not everyone celebrates Christmas.)

To celebrate this wonderful time (because it is still wonderful, despite its flaws), I’m hosting another blog party from now until Christmas Day. Not sure how a blog party works? Click this link for my past blog party post, and if you’re still not sure what it is, click here.

But basically, all you have to do is write a post on the topic of Christmas. It could be anything, from Christmas specials to that time you found out Santa wasn’t real to that Santa-Elf erotica story* you wrote last week. Anything goes as long as it’s vaguely related to Christmas.

The rules (more like guidelines) are:

  1. The party takes place between now and Christmas, at 11:59 PM Eastern Time.
  2. You must include a link to this post so I know you wrote it, and I’ll link back to you in my own post during Christmas.
  3. I’m not sure how Blogspot works, so if you’re on there and want to participate, comment here with a link to your post, just to be safe.
  4. The post has to be below twelve billion words (a little over’s fine).
  5. Have fun.

*While Santa-Elf erotica fan-fiction is allowed, I guess, it’s sure to raise a few eyebrows.

(Sorry I started the part so late. I meant to post this yesterday, but life and stuff got in the way.)


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