My Favorite Christmas Specials

I know, I’m late to my own blog party, but I have an excuse, and a good one too.

For Christmas I got a kindle fire, and so I downloaded the WordPress app and typed a nice, long post about Christmas specials. I saved it as a draft, but when I came back to it, it was gone. As it turns out. My WordPress app (or my Kindle, or me) didn’t save the post.

So you see, there’s nothing I could have done to prevent being late except not wait two days to rewrite the post. But this is a Christmas party after all, so I hope you’re all in a forgiving mood. Here are some of my favorite TV show Christmas specials.

Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol

While Moffat’s a bit of a flawed fella, I still think he’s written some of the best Doctor Who episodes ever, and this is one of them. I actually prefer this to the original story told by Charles Dickens.

But what about the breaking of continuity?

Doctor Who had never been good with continuity.

But what about the lack of originality?

Nothing is original nowadays, but the twists Moffat puts on the original story are certainly inspired.

But what about the plot holes?

You’re a plot hole.

This episode was jam-packed with emotion (both happy and sad), brilliantly written and acted, and had the perfect mix of Christmas-ness without it getting in the way of the plot. It’s easily the best Doctor Who Christmas episode yet.

You really gotta feel bad for this kid.

A Christmas Story

I used to hate this story as a kid, but as I grew older I started to find the humor in it. While it might not be as good as my parents make it out to be, it’s still a hilarious, heartwarming tale that’s sure to still be around fifty years from now, providing there’s no zombie apocalypse. Which brings me to:

This picture is too cool for me to handle.

The Walking Dead

Okay, this show didn’t actually have one, but I think it should have, just to break the constant hopelessness. Unfortunately, the Governor killed Santa in the last episode, so it looks like we’ll never get to see a Christmas special without some sort of wibbly-wobbly time travel scenario.

How I Met Your Mother: The Symphony of Illumination

This took place in season 7, before Robin became a shallow caricature of her former self (okay, she was, but not to the extent she is now). Here Robin finds out she can’t have kids, and despite having never actually wanted them, she’s still upset. I like how this episode is told from Robin’s point of view (to her future children), which the show really needs to do more often.

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i’m running low on time at the moment, but I will make sure to comment on everyone’s posts. If I don’t, feel free to throw rocks at me.

Thanks for participating.


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