Seven Kinds of Published Books I’d Like to See More Of

The TCWT blog chain is back, everyone. I’d shout out “Finally!” but I’m afraid that may come off as rude. Anyway, this month’s prompt is:

What kind of published books would you like to see more of?

1) First, just to beat everyone else to it: books with diversity! Not everyone is a straight white abled guy with nice hair, after all. I’d like to narrow down this request a little more by adding that if you do include all different types of people in your story (which you should), they have to actually have a personality and an effect on the plot, and they shouldn’t be defined just by their sexuality/race/disability/etc, which a lot of TV shows tend to do. *cough cough can’t think of any examples cough*

Also, if there’s going to be a main white character and s/he’s put in a position where there’s a lot of sun involved, the character will probably get sunburn. People with light skin get sunburned (sunburnt?) much more frequently than people with darker skin, to the point where one of my friends said to me “Hey can I borrow some of your sun tan lotion—OH WAIT I DON’T NEED ANY!” at the beach last summer, which was kind of an obnoxious thing to do. Yet if I were to base my knowledge of life on the books I’ve read, I’d have come to the conclusion that sunburn is nonexistent.

Basically, sunburn is very common, and it sucks. I’d argue that it’s perhaps the worst thing in the history of ever, with the exception of stolen remotes and spilled milk. Just thinking about it makes me wince. So if you’re going to ignore everyone but white people, you better at least give them sunburn.

2) I’d also love to see more standalone novels, especially in the young adult section. Oh wait, no I don’t. Series and trilogies are popular for a reason, people.  And I for one find it sad when I realize I only have a single book to spend with characters like Rudy Steiner or Margo Roth Spiegelman. With some characters, one book just isn’t enough.

People complain about having to wait for each book in a series, but honestly, I enjoy it, providing each book in the series could stand on it’s own feet, and the time between each installment is a reasonable amount. The anticipation, in many cases, is the best part.*

3) I’d prefer a couple dragons sprinkled into the young adult genre, if everyone else is okay with that. If not, then too bad— this is my list.

4) More morally ambiguous characters. A lot of authors seem to shy away from writing these, despite the fact that these types of characters are perhaps the most interesting. That’s what separates A Song of Ice and Fire from all the other fantasy series I’ve read and I assume that’s what made it so famous to begin with.

5) Also, I’d like more A Song of Ice and Fire novels, so hurry up, George. (Just kidding, take your time.)

6) I’m not a huge fan of love triangles, but I must say, if you’re going to have a romantic subplot, why stop at a triangle all the time? Where’s the love octagons, or the love tetrahedrons? I guess it’s up to me to write one of those.

7) More straight up humor novels, like The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. We need more of those. Then again, there probably is a lot of those, and I’m just not looking in the right places.

*Ha, not really. Actually reading the book is the best part.

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23 thoughts on “Seven Kinds of Published Books I’d Like to See More Of

  1. No, the wait is terrible! The anticipation is the worst part!

    What if, while you’re waiting anxiously like a very very very LOYAL FAN, and then the author suddenly goes, “oh yeah….the last book that y’all read…yeah that’s the last one. I feel like there’s no need to continue…”


    (As you can see, I hold grudges….deep issues)

    1. Oh yeah, I forgot to make this clear. You know that last More Than I Can Chew chapter? That was the last one. There’s not much need to continue anyway…

  2. There are probably just as many stand-alones as series out there, but since series take longer, we think they dominate the genre. Ta-da, it’s almost a paradox.

    As for humor novels, try Terry Pratchett. I don’t think anyone could say he writes too few novels, and they’re all funny. (As long as you don’t expect the stories to be anything spectacular.)

    Good post!

    1. True. I was going to try to prove you wrong by searching the top ten most popular young adult novels, and I think eight out of twelve of them were standalone.

      Ah ha, I’ve heard of Terry Pratchett before. Apparently he and Neil Gaiman are best of pals, which means I’m bound to read something by him eventually.

      And thank you, kind sir.

      1. If you want to ease into him via Gaiman, Good Omens is the book they co-authored together. Pretty good.

        You’re welcome.

  3. Pffft. Yes to the white-people-sunburn thing.
    And yes to diversity! For once I’m actually ahead in my blogging schedule and my TCWT post is all done and diversity was my subject of choice.

    YES YES YES MORALLY AMBIGUOUS CHARACTERS. See, that’s why I’m not sure if I can ever go back to the Harry Potter series and see its characters the same way because… GRRM does a much better job. His characters are so flawed and yet I love them.

    1. I’m looking forward to it.

      Yeah… stories where all the protagonists are all generally good and the villains are pure evil can be great, but those with characters like GRRM’s are almost always more interesting. I still love Harry Potter, though I haven’t read any of the books in at least two years. (I’m trying to forget everything about the series so I could read it fresh again, twenty years from now.)

      Slightly-but-not-quite off topic: have you ever watched Breaking Bad?, I feel like you’d love that show. It’s a lot like GoT, except not at all.

    2. Haha, I’m not quite patient enough to wait twenty years, but I’m still pretty sure that I’ve forgotten huge chunks of the HP story.

      Like with drugs instead of thrones? I might try it. IDK. I’ll read just about anything, but I’m picky with TV shows and prefer science fiction or fantasy, not something contemporary. So I’ll have to see about it…

      1. Even though it’s been three years since I’ve last read one of the books, I still remember at least 80% of what happened. I’m usually a forgetful person, but the entire Harry Potter series seems to have been stuck in my mind.

        Sort of, but it’s focused on a much smaller group of characters, that get more and more morally ambiguous as the show goes on. It starts off slow, but by the end of the first season, each episode is like suffering from an hour-long anxiety attack, and that’s a good thing.

  4. The love triangle thing, although I think there’s a little humor there, I agree with. I’ve thought the same thing at times. Seriously, it’s always three people. Why not more? That would be WAY more interesting, for a few reasons. The two biggest ones are one, we’ve never seen it before, and two, it would be more complex, therefore it would have to be written in a skilled way to be good and to keep our attention. But seriously, that would be awesome.

    1. Agreed. Even just a square or a pentagon would be a lot more interesting. Although it may take up too much time if the story’s not specifically about the romance…

  5. Oh dearie me! Everybody is writing about diversity that I’m thinking I’m just going to be repetitive if I mention it. Anyway, I agree that about outdoorsy characters having sunburn (or sun tan). Unless, of course, they’re elves. I believe elves stay fair no matter what.

    As for love tetrahedrons, let me just say I actually burst out into laughter.

    1. Four LGBTQ+ dragons (one has osteoporosis) have romantic feelings for at least one of the other dragons. All of these romantic conflicts are drawn at a 101.9 degree angle.


  6. If you like Douglas Adams, have you read anything by Tom Holt or Jasper Fforde? They both write humorous fantasy, and it’s great. (Also Terry Pratchett, but he’s more famous, so probably doesn’t need my recommendation.)

    I’m white … but I’ve only been sunburned once in my life. I’m not sure if that’s because I never leave the house or because I have Magically Sun-Evading powers. Possibly a bit of both. I do tan relatively easily.

    1. I’ve never heard of Tom Holt or Jasper Fforde, but I will check them out soon. Terry Pratchett’s already on my list 🙂

      You must be one of the lucky white people. I can only tan if I sunburn first, unfortunately.

      1. It must be my Jewish blood, keeping my skin sallow instead of pink and thus avoiding becoming a tomato in summer. 🙂

        They’re great! Tom Holt is one who enjoys subverting fantasy tropes and making them funny, like “Barking” which is about werewolves. 🙂

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