Stuff that Happened, Announcements, and Other Things that Should Hopefully Interest You

So you may have noticed, I’ve been absent lately. I hope it didn’t bother you.

Oh, who am I kidding. I hope you panicked and spent every single minute of every single day refreshing my blog’s homepage, because that shows that you care and I love it when people care about me, especially if they do so in an unhealthy obsessive way.

As to why I’ve been absent? Well, it’s a funny story, really. It wasn’t funny at the time, but now that it’s all over I can let you in on it, and hopefully we’ll all laugh at it whilst sharing a nice cup of coffee together, just us.

So, you know that AP English class I signed up for back in June? Well, last week my teacher had us all do eight minute presentations in front of the class, talking about a theme shown in the non-fiction books we read over the summer.

Well, after several recommendations from wonderful commenters, I chose Dreams From My Father, by Barack Obama. (You may have heard of him.) And I’m going to let you all in on a little secret, but before I tell you it, I’m going to need you to lean in close to the screen so no one else hears.

A little closer…

Just a bit more…

Good. Well, here it goes:

I didn’t actually read the book.

Wait! Please don’t click the unfollow button! At least let me explain first. You see, I am a very lazy individual, who isn’t great at managing his time. I only started reading Dreams From My Father two days before the school year started, read six chapters, and realized there was no way I was going to finish the book in time before school started. So I only did the assignment, where I just had to select twelve quotes from the novel and write about why I liked them, which was so much easier than actually finishing the book. I told myself I was going to finish the book as soon as possible, but never got around to it. When an entire month went by and my teacher still hadn’t even mentioned the nonfiction books, I figured we would never have to do anything involving them anyway.

I figured wrong.

But that’s not the worst part. You see, the teacher allowed the students to pair up with anyone else who happened to have read the same book, yet out of all the kids in my class and the limited amount of books to choose from, I was the only one who picked Dreams from my Father, which meant I’d have to do the entire presentation instead of just a part of it.

So basically, I was all alone, having to give an eight minute presentation on a book I never actually read.

Thanks, Obama.

So now that I was involuntarily a lone wolf, I took matters into my own hands and spent the next few days reading the entire book, even staying home sick, just to catch up. And I was sick, by the way. With a, um, a headache. A really bad headache, that lasted two days and only went away when I was at work.


The good news: I got it done, was able to give an awkward presentation in class, and ended up getting a decent grade.

The bad news: I fell behind in all my other classes. I missed three tests, a physics lab, and worst of all, a game of school jeopardy where the winners were awarded candy.

Anyhoo, I stayed after school for today and last Friday in order to make up everything, and on Saturday I had to go to my grandparents house to move furniture around and later that night I had to go to a Halloween party that did not, in any way, involve underage drinking, because that is illegal, and teenagers always follow the law.

And on Sunday, I was reading The Miseducation of Cameron Post, which is one of those books that are really hard to stop reading. I realize this might not be a good excuse, but I’m sure you’ll forgive me in about two paragraphs. Moving on…

I also bought a laptop, using the money I made from working at McDonald’s, which means that I won’t have to share a computer with four other family members all the time. Also, I’ll presumably have more time to post, meaning. . .

I’ll be attempting NaBloPoMo again this November! Mostly because I feel like I need to redeem myself from the massive failure that was my last attempt at it, back in May. Wish me luck.

To end this post, I shall ask all the Walking Dead fans currently reading this: What did you think of last night’s episode? I need to discuss it with someone.

Oh, and American Horror Story fans: Is that show any good?

13 thoughts on “Stuff that Happened, Announcements, and Other Things that Should Hopefully Interest You

  1. I think that AMHS ‘Freak Show’ is my favorite show. It has this gruesome clown who locks up little children for kicks. His mouth is so wide that I freak out when I watch him. I love Jessica Lange who plays Elsa, the lady in charge of the freaks. I think she’s a superb actor and I’ve watched all the seasons so far. I like it better than the Walking Dead but then again I am dark. It may be a bit much for all you teenagers out there!
    Great to read your posts again. I have dropped mine because I can’t be bothered 🙂

    1. Hmm… I think I might get into it. Because I’m terrified of most clowns, but I also enjoyed being scared by them, most of the time. Is locking up little children all he does? And how long does he lock these kids up? *shivers*

  2. Yay for having your own computer! I wouldn’t recommend American Horror Story. It’s kind of cool/interesting for a little bit(think 5-6 episodes), but then you start to notice all of those irritating Ryan Murphy “tics” and your enjoyment goes awry. That’s what happened to me, anyway.

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