Day in the Life as a Public High School Student (Don’t Worry, This is Interesting!)

So, a lot of my blogger friends have written posts like “A Day in the Life of a Home-schooled Student,” or “A Day in the Life of Private School Student” or something cool like that. And I thought, hey, why I don’t I do the same thing? Sure, going to public school isn’t quite as interesting or unique as going to school abroad or having it at home, but I feel like some people might still be interested.

I mean, not every public high school is the same, so even though some readers may be going to one, they might be surprised to see how another one works. And all you adult readers out there may be curious to see how schools have changed since you were students. So yeah, keep reading.

5:45 AM: I wake up, press the snooze button on my phone.

5:50 AM: I wake up, press the snooze button on my phone.

5:55 AM: I wake up, press the snooze button on my phone.

(This goes on for a while)

6:15 AM: I get out of bed. I don’t have to take a shower because I took one last night (#prepared) and I recently got a hair cut, so bed hair isn’t a problem for me. I sympathize with the long-haired people in the world. You guys have it rough.

6:20 AM: I pour cereal in the bowl and realize that there’s no more milk left. I think back to any terrible deeds I may have done in the past to have deserved this, and can’t think of anything. There’s no time to make anything else, so dry cereal it is.

(Man, my life’s terrible. Feel bad for me.)

6:28 AM: I’m waiting at the bus stop, freezing and half-asleep at the same time. There’s this one obnoxious kid who listens to rap music and raps along with it (loudly) in the morning, but because the sun hasn’t come up yet I can’t seem to tell where he is.

6:40 AM: Bus comes twelve minutes late, and it becomes clear why once I see the busdriver. Oh god. It’s Elvis.

Elvis is a substitute bus driver in our school district, and has been since around for a long time. We call him that because he looks like what Elvis probably did in the last few months of his life. He’s notorious for being a horrible driver and for just generally being an unpleasant person. Personally, I just think he needs a hug. There’s no way I’m going to give him one, though.

Even though Elvis kept hitting the curbs, and he left the lights on, I still managed to spend most of the ride asleep.

7:05 AM: I get to school, stop by the library, get a pass for lunch (because I’ve got physics homework to do, bitches) and then go to the cafeteria to get some apple juice.

7:17 AM: My first class is AP English, with my possibly-murderous English teacher. This class is a breeze, because he basically just talks about symbolism and metaphors and whatnot in this book we’re currently reading, A Separate Peace by John Knowles.

8:05 AM: Pre-Calculus. This class is weird because the teacher simply doesn’t care if the students are paying attention and never checks the homework; she just continues teaching regardless of whether anyone is actually listening, which is new for me. Maybe this is her way of preparing us for college (where apparently, the professors don’t give a shit about you) but all it’s done for me is let me slack off. I spend this time working on my physics homework, which I still haven’t done.

9:00 AM: Financial Math. This is an easy class, with a really obnoxious, uptight teacher. The only way to get her in a good mood is to ask her about couponing. She loves coupons and uses them all the time, and she loves to talk about how much she saves and what she bought with them. It’s weird.

(I apologize to my Financial Math teacher, if she’s reading this. It seems unlikely, being as she should have no idea about this blog, but with my luck she probably will.)

Anyway, she wouldn’t let me make up a test today, because I missed the two days where she allowed us to do it after school. I missed the first day because I had to go to work immediately after school, and I missed the second day because I was unexpectedly sick with food poisoning. Apparently, this wasn’t a good enough excuse.

(To be fair, I made up the whole food poisoning thing. But there’s no way she could’ve known that, which means that given what she knows, she’s intentionally punishing a student for being sick.)

9:47 AM: U.S. History: I get lunch on my way to class, which is usually a turkey sandwich from the cafeteria, some goldfish, and this soda called Switch that tastes weirdly amazing. I always take the cheese off the sandwich, because it is the most appalling excuse for cheese I’ve ever seen.

We played a game of school jeopardy preparing for a test the next day. Not meaning to brag or anything, but we tied. For last place, with zero points. (We bet all in, and we lost.)

10:35 AM: This is my actual lunch period, which I spend in the library doing physics homework. Or more accurately, I spent this on my phone, looking through any notifications (“hey, Nevillegirl just responded to my comment!”) or looking through all the books despite the fact that I have two late books already and I know I can’t check any of them out. I end up sitting next to two friends of mine. One of them made a list on twitter of his twenty best “bros.” The other one, let’s call him John, is upset because 1) he wasn’t on it, and 2) most of the guys on that list are not friends with him at all.

Also, there was a fight in the cafeteria, which I missed. I’m not actually upset about it though, because I’ve never been interested in school fights unless I personally knew one of the kids involved.

11:18 AM: 3-D Ceramics, which isn’t nearly as fun as it sounds. It’s tough to describe the project we’re doing in there, because even I don’t entirely know what it is. Something to do with glue and paper. Oh well, I’m still rocking a 98 average in that class. Somehow. There’s a lot of time to talk in that class, and the primary subject of interest is usually Ebola, and how it’s going to totally kill us all.

12:10 PM: This is my physics class. I hate the subject, but like the teacher. He kind of looks like Santa Clause, yet there are occasions where, for demonstration purposes, he will sprint across the room with a speed you never would have guessed he was capable of running. I have a theory that he is actually Usain Bolt in disguise.

1:00 PM: P.E. class, where instead of actually exercising, we have to take a test on Ultimate Frisbee. What the hell, school? Why do I have to study for a test for gym? I don’t know how it used to be or how P.E. is like in other places, but I think we can all agree that this is stupid.

1:42 PM: Gym ends. A friend of mine in the locker room is selling candy for a school club of some sort. (Fun fact, people in various clubs walk around selling candy to raise money, which means that I can go around spending my money on chocolate bars and skittles instead of, y’know, healthy stuff.)

1:43 PM: I think about staying after school for Physics extra help, but I really don’t want to, so I get on the bus instead.

2:10 PM: I’m at home, and get a surprise text from my boss asking me if I could work today, 6 to 10. This is always a tough decision for me, because on one hand: i hate my job, but on the other hand: more money! Money’s great. They’re like thin green pieces of happiness.

Everything up from 2:10 to 6:00 PM is a bit of blur. I remember watching the season 4 finale of The Wire (saddest episode ever), and later falling asleep and waking up at 5:40 PM, but I don’t remember when exactly that happened.

6:00 PM: I go to work, at McDonald’s, where the customers are weirdly difficult today. Mcdonald’s customers are usually polite, but today they were ruder than I’ve ever seen them. One woman and her son were pissed off because they had to wait more than a minute for their food, and I had to explain to them that 1) the place was extremely busy at the moment, and 2) we were understaffed at the time, so she’d have to wait a little longer than usual. She then demanded to speak to the manager, who told her the exact same thing. The mother interpreted this as him (the manager) giving her attitude, made a huge fuss and then actually called the McDonald’s headquarters or whatever it’s called with the sole intention of getting him fired. Which was upsetting, because he was my favorite of all the managers.

Luckily, for every obnoxious, entitled brat of a customer, there’s another nice one who restores hope in humanity.  A guy who used to manage a Buffalo Wild Wings saw the whole thing and gave the manager his number, so he could be a witness if he ended up getting in any sort of trouble over this, because that’s the type of guy he was.

10:13 PM: I am back from work, exhausted. I get some homework done, came up with this idea for a blog post, wrote half of it, and then went to sleep.

To end this post, here’s a picture of a giraffe.


21 thoughts on “Day in the Life as a Public High School Student (Don’t Worry, This is Interesting!)

  1. Ah, that takes me back (or rather, “AHHHH!”). When I was about fourteen, I decided that, after being homeschooled for eight years, I was going to go to a public school instead. WORST DECISION EVER. There were the silly complaints like having to get up early, having to be on someone else’s schedule and so forth, but there were also the teachers who didn’t know squat about what they were doing, the endless classes covering material that I had learned in fifth grade, and the rules about attendance that made it impossible for some of my classmates (who had damn good reasons for missing school) to graduate on time. Not to mention, the place was vastly overcrowded, and yet they still thought it was a good idea to schedule thirty minutes for lunch and five minutes to get to and from classes. The more I hear from other people, it sounds like it’s that way pretty much everywhere. And yet when a kid complains about school, his parents act like HE is the one with the problem.

    1. Sorry your experience with public school were so awful. Though I think I may have exaggerated how bad it was. There are teachers who don’t know what they’re talking about (or more accurately, they do know what they’re talking about, they’re just terrible when it comes to teaching it), but there also some of them who are really passionate about what they teach and deserve a medal for their efforts. I love public school, although it’s all I’ve known so I can’t really compare it to anything else, like you could.

      Yeah, the overcrowded hallways are a huge problem. There’s one intersection in my school where the traffic is so bad it takes you almost a minute just to cover fifteen feet.

  2. Holy crap! You start school at 7am! I get up at 7am (well my alarm goes off, when I get up is another story) we start at 8:45 for form class (home room) which is where the roll gets marked and notices read then we start classes at 9am. We have 4 classes in a day each for 70min. After 2 lessons we have a 45min break then after the next lesson we have a 25min break then another lesson and home at 3pm. We don’t have a cafeteria either we eat outside and bring our lunch, we do have a tuckshop though which is similar you can buy stuff like drinks, sandwiches, meat pies, sausage rolls and ice creams. Wait so you have to get a pass to go to the library? What? Ahaha

    1. I like how your school works. Though, having to go to one of my least favorite classes (*cough cough financial math cough*) for seventy minutes at a time sounds horrifying, but it might be worth it just to wake up later.

      Yeah, I think it’s so they know we’re not skipping class or anything.

  3. I’m really jealous of how short your lessons are. All my lessons are either 2 hours or 3 hours long…but then again I only have 3 subjects and a load of study periods shoved in.
    We don’t have school busses in London, so I also insanely envy you for being able to sleep on the way to school! I have to constantly have one eye on the world around me for fear of missing my stop/ being elbowed in the face/ etc.
    (As a vertically challenged member of society, I’ve gotta constantly watch out for stray elbows that might be swinging my way)
    Anyway, great post as always to keep me company on the way to school~

    1. Thanks. Every other day I get a double physics period, so that’s ninety minutes, which feels like torture but compared to a two or three hour class i suppose it isn’t that bad.

      So I’m guessing you take the subway to school? (Well, I know very little about London, apart from what I’ve seen on Sherlock and Doctor Who, but I believe they call it the Tube?)

      1. Correct! 20 minutes on the Bakerloo line (which isn’t so bad because it’s super cosy) and then 20 minutes on a bus after.
        To be honest I recon Doctor Who and Sherlock provide pretty accurate representations of London, except for y’know, all the aliens and bombs and stuff. The cool bits. :’)

    1. *shrugs* it isn’t that bad, so far at least. Although I’ve only read the first four chapters, and Gene is already starting to piss me off with his pettiness, so it has plenty of time to get worse.

    1. Ooh, you should. It’ll give me a better glimpse of what college is like. (I hear it’s nonstop partying.) Though I’m afraid it might be so horrible that I will be too scared to apply for any colleges.

  4. I’m tempted to recount my day as a Catholic school girl now… Nope, couldn’t be bothered, another day maybe

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