Updates on Me, My Life, and Other Things

You know what I hate? When bloggers who started out amazing suddenly start to neglect their blog, to the point where they only post every once in a while. And then all these posts start off with an apology, immediately followed with a boring excuse for ignoring their blog* and an empty promise that they will start posting more.

You know what else I hate? Seeing myself slowly become that blogger.

You may have noticed I haven’t been posting much lately. I haven’t been writing much lately either, or reading. With the exception of the last two days, I don’t think I’ve so much as finished a book since January. Wait, that can’t be right.

*checks Goodreads*

Okay, so I’ve read three books since February, but they’re all very short and one of them was assigned for school, so yeah.(?)

I’m starting to think I’m losing that artistic part of me, because for the past few months I have sort of lost that creative urge I used to have. If I was neglecting my blog, that was because I was either focusing on my own work in progress or I was simply reading a lot. Lately it’s been none of the above. Yes, I’ve been very busy lately, possibly busier than I ever have in my life, what with work and finals and the decreasing number of tomorrows I have to start studying for finals, but I think that’s more of an excuse I tell myself rather than an actual reason. I’ve always been busy, even back in November 2013 (high point of my blog, statistically speaking) when I was posting every single day. When there’s a will, there’s a way, as my mother always said,** and lately I haven’t had much of a will to post. Except for, y’know, right now.

Anywho, I don’t want to be that pitiful blogger mentioned in the first paragraph. I’m not going to promise I won’t become that, but I will provide you the various excuses I may use, so when I use them you could call me out on my complete lack of discipline.

  • Not enough time to blog. (Misleading. There’s never enough time to blog.)
  • I’m sick. (So was Michael Jordan during that one championship game, and he still won that like a champ.)
  • My computer wasn’t working. (Bullshit.)
  • I have a concussion. (Wait, I’ve already used that one.)***
  • I’m too caught up on other things. (What other things?)
  • I’m focusing on other writing at the moment. (Admittedly, this one is legit.)
  • I have homework to do. (So did Harry Potter, and he still managed to find time for adventure.)
  • I got food poisoning. (Pfft, food poisoning is the mildest type of poisoning. Get over it, Future Matt.)
  • My dog died. (Don’t have a dog.)
  • My cat died. (No one likes cats.)
  • I got my driver’s license. (Not an excuse. Just wanted you all to know.)
  • I’ll be volunteering at a nearby hospital this summer. (Also not an excuse; just thought that was interesting.
  • My brother got a job at Splashtown, so hopefully I’ll be able to go there for free. (This list has completely lost track of its original point. Time to move on now.)

I’m sick of making excuses. The truth is, I didn’t feel like writing. I lost that desire for a little while, simple as that. Fun fact about me: if I’m not blogging, it’s because I don’t feel like I have anything to say. I don’t want to make any promises that I’ll start to blog more (even if they’re true, they seem hollow while I write them), so instead I’m going to give you some updates on the glorious life of codename Matthew Black.

  • You see that video above? I’ve been listening to the music in the background for hours now, because I love it.
  • You know how I said I had a driver’s license? Well, the first thing I did after passing my test was drive (alone!) to a nearby Rite Aid’s. What did I get? 1) A bag of kit-kats, 2) some kraft mac & cheese, 3) Yoo-hoo, and 4) a bag of balloons. Life is great.
  • I legitimately am planning to volunteer at a nearby hospital this summer, because I’m thinking about pursuing a career in medicine, but I don’t want to go through 12+ years of training and education just to find out it’s not for me. So, yeah. Hopefully, my time there will be exactly like that show Scrubs.
  • My birthday is coming up soon. (May 9th.) I expect a birthday cake from all of you.
  • You know how I said I would probably quit my job at McDonald’s? Yeah, well that’s never going to happen. I love my job! Well not really, but I do enjoy being the guy who hands out the food in the drive-thru. I did so bad of a job the first time that it took six months for them to put me in that position again, but the second time around I am totally rocking it. I just wish they’d put me there more often.
  • A little while back, IHOP had this Free Pancake thing going on. I missed it.
  • Hey, if anyone knows anything about what it’s like volunteering at a hospital, please comment below.
  • I have a blog post scheduled for tomorrow, and it’s going to be a doozy, so hold on to your hats.

*Lesson to bloggers everywhere: don’t start your post off with an excuse for not posting unless it’s a legitimately interesting one. If you couldn’t blog because you were sidetracked with homework, don’t bother sharing. But if you didn’t blog because you were busy wrestling time-traveling pirates, then please do.

**She never said this.

***Just to be clear, I really did get that concussion.

****Is there a limit to the amount of asterisks you could use in a post? Because this is getting ridiculous.

To end this post, here’s a picture of what appears to be a cat wrapped inside a paper towel.

3 thoughts on “Updates on Me, My Life, and Other Things

  1. Hey, I know this won’t be of much help but I am going to type it anyways. I enjoyed your blog and unfortunately I am that blogger except with my own blog. But to answer your question, I am in school for nursing (and doing clinical rotations) and the main thing that I have learned it that, a passion and desire to help others is what thrive the medical. There will be good days and some bad because of your patients, your supervisors, coworkers, or just because life sucks but it has the been the most rewarding experience of my life. If you ever want to know more about my experience working with patients am here for questions.

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