In which I’m as Furious as a Bee

Okay, you know how I’m writing a book, right?

Well, today I broke through a minor case of writer’s block and wrote about four thousand words, or two chapters. It was awesome. There was a plot twist, followed by a pivotal scene where two POV characters meet for the first time. Then I left for work, and when I came back and opened up the document on Microsoft word, what do I find?

None of what I wrote was saved. Not a single word.

Sure, I’m 99% sure I had the auto-save option on, and even if I didn’t, the program would’ve asked me if I’d like to save my changes before exiting, but it’s not there. I looked everywhere and those four thousand words are nowhere to be found.

Now admittedly, worse things have happened to better people. After all, Paul Sheldon was forced to burn the only copy of his completed manuscript, and Edgar Allen Poe died of tuberculosis, probably. But I can’t help but feel like this is cruel and unfair. Sure, I could’ve just used Google Drive like a normal person, but I got a new computer that offered me a 30 day free trial with Microsoft, and I decided to give it a try. Was this a mistake? Yes. Will I continue to use Microsoft Word? Probably. I like the design.

After finding out the Writing Gods have spited me, I honestly considered going to my shed, grabbing an ax, and chopping away at the nearest tree. It’s a good way to your anger out, and get some exercise. But it was one o’clock at night, and that seemed weird.

Then I considered rewriting those lost words, but let’s just say, I was not in the mood. Those scenes took a lot of effort, and I was so happy to have them behind me. I was ready to move on with the whole story, and now I don’t even remember exactly where I left off. 

In the end I decided to write a post about it, because it’s been like, five days since my last one, and I’m trying to maintain a tiny bit of consistency. It also helped me get my anger out. Kind of. A little bit. Not really. 

(I’m still pissed, guys. I think I might chop that tree down for real.)


7 thoughts on “In which I’m as Furious as a Bee

  1. Nooo don’t chop down a tree! There are far less destructive outlets for your anger. Take up boxing, maybe? My best friend swears by it.
    Seriously though, I feel for you. I lost the only copy of a 6,000 word paper the night before it was due when I was doing my master’s degree (my computer crashed and I hadn’t saved it on another drive). It was either pull an all-nighter and improvise or not get my degree :/ Fun times.
    Lesso learned, though: since then I triple-save my documents: google drive, dropbox and a thumb drive, plus I often just email them to myself just to be on the safe side.
    I hope your anger has dissipated a little and inspiration hits again.

    1. Don’t worry, I decided against chopping down any trees! (I’m concerned about the direction it’ll fall in.)

      Losing a 6,000-word paper sounds horrible. I feel like at that point, I’d honestly consider going to bed, and accepting the loss. I probably would end up rewriting it, but I’d spend at least twenty minutes angrily pacing back and forth.

      1. Heh good on you (and the tree)! Have you tackled those chapters again yet?

        That paper was a freaking nightmare… this was back in the early 2000’s so reliable online sources were scarce and I had already returned every book to the school library, so you can imagine my panic. There was no way I was gonna give up on my degree, so I hung out with my friends for a couple of hours to cool down (i.e. drink and smoke weed) and I re-wrote the whole thing. It wasn’t as good as the original paper, but at least it got me a B+ 😉

  2. That hurts, Dude. I’m sorry. Give it a couple of days, accept the loss and move on. It gets easier with time. Just consider the first go-around a rehearsal 😉

  3. Dude, that stinks. In the interest of not losing some writing you did a while back… are you interested in the guest post you wrote for me (thank you!) all those years ago? I have it saved in a word doc just for you if so.

    1. Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for keeping the post, but I actually still have it myself, buried deep within my Google Drive account. (It’s funny, I still 100% stand by everything I said in that post.)

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