A Day in the Life of a College Freshman

Yeah, so I’ve done a few posts like this in the past, one in my junior year of high school and one in my senior, and I got to say, I think this is the most interesting one I’ve done yet. Mainly because it has foreshadowing in it, and also some seemingly unrelated events that come together in the end. Plus something happens to me that feels like it was taken straight out an episode of Seinfeld, so I hope you all enjoy.

(I also just want to clarify that a couple parts of this post (you’ll know it when you see it) are not things that happen to me regularly. So keep that in mind.)

7:30 AM 

I can’t keep hitting the snooze button these days because it annoys my roommate, so I get out of bed and make my way to the bathroom. I watch my step, just in case my alcoholic suitemate vomited on the floor again. He did not, which is a good omen. (“Today will be a good day!”)

7:45 AM

After brushing my teeth and taking a shower and getting dressed, I make the fifteen minute walk to my first class of the day. I would eat breakfast first, but the dining halls don’t open until eight o’clock, which is the same time my class starts. This seems like a rather large flaw in the dining hall system, but there’s not much I can do. Luckily my mom sent me a care package recently that included snack sized bags of trail mix, so I ate that on the way.

7:55 AM

I notice that my phone is only at around fifty percent battery, which is weird, because I could’ve sworn I’d left it plugged in at night. It’s still enough to get me through the most of the day, though, so I don’t think much of it.

8:00-9:30 AM

Differential Calculus. It’s a tough class, but someone’s gotta do it. It’s taught by a TA, who is always nervous, which is uncalled for because he’s teaching a subject that no one cares about. I try my best not to fall asleep.

9:40 AM

Sociology discussion class. I have to give a presentation today about the evolving workforce into today’s society, or something like that. (I kinda winged it.) The presentation was based around three questions that were supposed to be discussed amongst the class. But because it’s a Friday morning and no one actually seems to read the required text, not much discussion is had. That is, until the final one.

The final question I asked was “Is it okay for a company to breach a customer’s privacy, even if doing so will benefit both parties?” It was referencing the Amazon Echo, a device that may or may not be listening in on your conversations in order to sell you stuff. (It totally is.)

What followed was a surprisingly heated discussion between two/three guys who were complete pro privacy, against one girl who was like, “it’s not a big deal, guys. Relax.” I was mostly on the girl’s side until she started talking about how companies can’t invade your privacy unless you agree to the terms of service, because come on. Nobody reads the terms of service. Nobody. Anyone who claims to is a backstabbing liar.

10:40 AM 

I finally get to eat a proper breakfast. Pancakes, and scrambled eggs, and bacon! Nothing quite like bacon to put you in a good mood. Now, my next class is at 2:20, so I have two choices:

  1. I could go back to my dorm and get some sleep.
  2. I could go to the library and attempt to get shit done.

I choose #2, which would usually be the smart choice, the one my parents would approve of. But in this case it ends up screwing me over in a way that will be revealed soon.

1:30 PM 

I get some homework done, but it’s a Friday and the week’s almost over, so I’m not in much of a rush. I watch YouTube videos in the library, then I head back to the dining hall for some lunch. Now, here’s when something weird happens.

As I’m waiting in line for food, one of the cafeteria workers need to walk past me, and so I back up to get out of the way. In doing so, I accidentally step on the foot of the girl right behind me. “Sorry,” I say to her, and usually that would be the end of it.

But after I apologize and turn back around, I find myself wondering if I said “sorry” too quietly. The place is very crowded after all, and loud too, and I may have come off as more of a jerk than I actually am. After a minute or so, I turn back around, hoping that this is all in my head and that the girl behind me has already forgotten about it.

Yeah, no.

Instead she’s giving me the death stare, with her arms crossed, her nostrils flaring. To borrow a photo from one of my other posts, she looks like this:

I have no idea what to do. In the end I just turn back around, feeling her eyes on the back of my neck. I figure it’s too late to fix anything and the damage has already been done, so I get my food and get out of there fast.

2:20 PM

Chemistry. Generally speaking, this is not a fun class either, but I am sitting next to this girl from my high school, (let’s call her Jess) who’s a lot of fun to hang out with. She asks if I want to go to a frat party with her friends tonight, and I one-up her by asking is she wants to bring her friends to pre-game at my suite before going to said frat party. She says yes.

An explanation:

Pregaming is when you drink alcohol before attending an event or social function, so you’re already loosened up before you get there, and you don’t have to spend too much money on drinks. I’m not sure if this is specifically an American thing, but I feel like we’d be the only country where the teens are stupid to do this.

Two of my suitemates usually set up a game of beer pong around 8:30 on weekends, and I’m free to invite anyone I want to them. The more, the better.

Therefore, in this scenario: beer pong = pregame.

3:30 PM:

Classes are done for the day, and I head over to the marketplace for what is basically a second lunch. (Don’t judge me.) I make extra sure not to step on anyone’s foot this time.

4:00 – 7:30 PM

I’m back in the library, working on my novel. Will it ever get finished? The world could only hope. I do get a lot done today though, so that’s nice.

I also watch an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm. I’ve only watched four episodes so far and I must say, I really identify with this Larry David guy. It’s like we’re the same person.

8:40 PM

I get back to my suite, and sure enough, the pregame is on tonight. I text Jess to make sure she knows which dorm I’m in, and in fifteen minutes I go downstairs to let her and her friends inside. Once they’re inside I quickly drop into my room to plug in my phone, which is now at only 10% battery.

Now kids, the problem with beer pong is that if you’re playing it by the rules and are actually drinking the alcohol, it’s very hard to keep track of how much you’ve had. And then if you pour hard liquor into the middle cup, as we did, you may find yourself getting drunk much faster than intended. So keep that in mind as you follow me along for the rest of the night.

11:15 PM

We end up going to the frat party, but first I go back into my room to pick up my phone, and what do you know? It hasn’t charged at all. In fact, it’s actually gone down to 8%.

Turns out, the extension cord I plugged my phone into was no longer connected to outlet in my wall, which explains why my phone wasn’t at 100% this morning and why it hasn’t charged at all today.

This is unfortunate, but I’m not going to let it ruin my night, so I put the phone on power saving mode and go out anyway, figuring “hey, I’m with my friends, nothing bad could happen to me.”

11:45 PM

I’m at the party, where I manage to bump into seemingly every single person I’ve ever talked to at the university. I’m bumping into people I haven’t seen in months, people I pass by in the halls, people I only met during orientation. It’s like my life in college is a TV show and tonight’s the finale, so all the minor characters are popping up for their last hurrah.

I took exactly three shots over the next hour or so, and I did the math in my head:

3 shots + ? = ??? drinks in one night.

1:00 AM (ish)

Jess and her friends ask if I want to leave and go to a bar. I let her know I don’t have a fake ID. She says it’s cool, because she knows one that doesn’t check them.

We go to bar #1, which as it turns out, actually does check IDs, so we are not allowed in. So we walk to another one, and wait in a long line. For this bar, I only have to give the bouncer five bucks to get inside. I reach into my pocket, then check my other one, and oh shit I lost my wallet.

Yep, it’s gone. Where did it go? Well it somehow ended up on the floor at the frat house, getting stepped on repeatedly, long into the night. It was returned to me the next day with everything still in it, but as far as I know, it’s gone forever.

But no worries, Jess agree to lend me five bucks, and we’re allowed in.

1:20 AM

Gotta say, bars suck. I thought the frat party was loud and crowded, but in this bar you literally can’t move an inch without bumping into someone. People buy fake IDs and risk getting arrested for this? Makes zero sense. I get separated from the group, and after getting suffocated for at least fifteen minutes, I decide I’ve had enough and I make my way outside.

The journey back outside is a long and arduous one. I don’t know what “arduous” means but it sounds like an appropriate word in this context. I’m moving about five feet per minute because there are just so many people in the way. When I get out I take a deep breath of the cool, crisp air. Thank God I’m out of there.

I take out my phone to text Jess and let her know where I went, only to find out that that eight percent battery has gone down much faster than expected.

So now I have a dead phone, and no wallet, and I’m drunker than the average man. I’m also in the middle of a city I don’t really know, and it’s the middle of the night. Most of the people walking past me are college kids travelling in packs, but I see one girl by herself and I ask her if I could use her phone. I’m quickly explaining my situation to her, but I stop in my tracks once I get a closer look.

She recognizes me just as I recognize her. “Wait a minute,” she says. “Aren’t you the guy who stomped on my foot this morning?”

Gotta say, this is surprising. There’s at least thirteen thousand students at my school so I’d honestly never expected to see this girl again, and certainly not this soon. My gut reaction was to go on the defensive, which may not have the best decision. “Well I didn’t exactly stomp on it. It was an accident.”

Bruised Foot Girl, however, was not having any of this. “Do you have any idea how painful that was? I could barely walk afterwards!”

“Oh, come on.”

“Would you like to see the bruises?” She bends over, threatening to take off her shoe for me. “You basically squashed all the toes on my right foot.”

At this point, we’re both raising our voices at each other and making a scene; I’m getting all angry and flustered. “Look, I didn’t mean to, alright? I did apologize —”

“Oh yeah, thanks for saying sorry, it really helped with the healing.”

“Well what do you what me to do about it? It was a crowded room, you were standing right behind me—”

“Oh, so it was my fault?”

“What? No. It wasn’t—”

“I’m so sorry for standing in line behind you, sir. It won’t happen again.”

“Okay look,” I say, calming myself down. “I’m sorry I stepped on you, I felt bad about it and I didn’t know what to do at the time. I lost my wallet and my phone’s dead, so I could really use some help right now.”

Unfortunately, the girl is not in a charitable mood. As she storms away down the street she yells at me, “Maybe watch your step next time, asshole!”

1:45 AM

Yeah, so that happened. I end up asking someone else for their phone, and they’re a lot nicer about it.

After about ten minutes of sitting outside, Jess and friends get out of the bar, and we take a cab back to campus. I decide not to mention my run-in with the Bruised Foot Girl, because I’m not sure which of us was the jerk in that situation. (Was it me? I feel like it was me.)

2:05 AM

We’re dropped off near one of the dining halls, the one that’s open til 4 AM on the weekends. I don’t have my wallet, of course, so I just get a cup of water, chugging two cups in less than a minute. Turns out, I was a lot more dehydrated than I thought.

2:25 AM

I call it a night. I’ve already lost my wallet and gotten yelled at, and I feel like if I keep going, only worse things will happen.

2:35 AM

I am back in bed. It’s nice and cozy.

If there’s a lesson to this post, it’s that bars aren’t fun and people hold grudges. Also, if you plug your phone into an extension cord, make sure said extension cord is properly plugged into the wall, before you leave it unattended for over an hour.

It’s been a long weekend, guys. Thanks for reading.

So, Does Anyone Have Any Ideas for a Blog Party?

So, I bought Grand Theft Auto Five today, and have already lost count of the amount innocent pedestrians I’ve killed. (In the game, everyone. In the game.) But hey, that’s what they get for walking on the sidewalk, minding their own business, while I happen to be bored and driving a firetruck at the same time.

I also quickly lost track of time, playing GTA 5, and now I have only fifteen minutes to write a post, which seems to be happening a lot lately. So to make up for it, I’m asking you this: Do you have any idea for a blog party?

Because I’m tired of explaining what a blog party, you may click here for a link to my first successful blog party, which explains it well enough.

I like doing blog parties and all, but they’ve been a bit of a mixed bag. The first one after being Freshly Pressed was amazing, but I dropped the ball on the Christmas-themed one because I was way busier than expected. The one after that went well, too, but not as well as the first post.

That being said, let’s try this out again. I just need a good theme. A theme so good, all of WordPress will want an invitation. (Which they have, because everyone reading this who happens to have a blog will be invited.)

So, any ideas?

You Are Invited to the Greatest Blog Party Since the Last Greatest Blog Party

That’s right, it’s time for another blog party, and it’s going to be awesome.

But what is a blog party, you may ask? Well, there are two definitions:

  1. An excuse for me to not to write a complete post.
  2. When a group of bloggers write about a certain theme/subject/prompt/whatever and link back to the blogger who hosted the “party.” The host then links back to each blogger who participated in his/her own separate post. This way, everyone benefits from an increase in traffic, and they’re introduced to other bloggers they never would’ve met otherwise. Basically, everyone benefits.

Still confused? Click on this and this. Hopefully, things should be cleared up.

The topic for this blog party is:

Write the worst story you can possibly write.

Excited? You better be. For this, you have to write a story that you know for a fact is terrible and unsatisfying, with bizarre plot twists that don’t quite make sense or random celebrity cameos that don’t even serve the plot. It has to be so bad it’s good. We will all give each other complements like “Man, this story sucks!” which will get a reply like “Aw, thanks.”

Credit for the idea goes to Plotwhisperer, who has killer dance moves, I may add.

The rules:

  1. Don’t be that guy who writes a story that’s actually genuinely good, in the hopes that the readers will think, “Wow, if he considers this to be bad, all his other work must be amazing!” You won’t fool me.
  2. The story should be a reasonable length. Nothing over 1,500 words. A little over’s fine.
  3. I’m not sure how Blogspot works, so if you’re on there and want to participate, comment here with a link to your post, just to be safe.
  4. Everyone, even complete strangers who are just discovering this blog now, are allowed to participate.
  5. Your story can be terrible, but the spelling and grammar can’t.
  6. Have fun.

The part takes place from this Friday (May 16th) to Sunday (May 18th). Be there, or be square. I’ll probably be posting my story tomorrow.

A Blog Debate: Zombies vs Unicorns

Lately a couple of the blogs I follow have recently hosted blog parties. Blog parties are basically like the TCWT Blog Chain, where the the host gathers up lots of people and they all write a post with a certain theme. Then they link back to the original blog/post.

I wanted to do this, but I couldn’t think of a theme that was actually interesting. Then, a few days ago in the library, I stumbled upon a book called Zombies vs Unicorns. (The picture above is from that book.) Much to my disappointment, the book is not about a huge battle to the death between Zombies and Unicorns (dibs on that plot line, by the way), but instead it’s made up of a bunch of short stories about either zombies or unicorns, and the whole debate is about which fictional creature makes better fiction.  The book is awesome.

But this debate isn’t about that. Well, it could be about that, but it could also be about a bunch of other things, not just about which makes better fiction. It could be about which creature would win in battle, which creature is cooler looking, which creature would be most useful, and so on.

So far, I’m on the unicorns’ side. I know what some of you are thinking: “Matt, are you on crack? Zombies are sooo much better than unicorns!”

My response to people who may be thinking that is yes, maybe I’m choosing the wrong side, maybe I’m not. It’s your job to persuade me. And no, I am not on crack. Everyone knows I prefer LSD instead.

Here’s how the Blog Debate works:

Comment in the post below, saying which side you’re on. You could also surprise me by not commenting and then posting anyway, but please don’t.

HQYMA (Hypothetical Questions You May Ask):

  • What up with these green and blue fonts? They’re made to distinguish between the question and the answer.
  • When do I publish my post? You can post it any time from May 6th to May 10th (It’s one of those work week parties). Don’t forget to link back to this site so I know you posted.
  • What if I can’t choose a side? You can write about that as well.
  • What if I love/hate them both equally? You can write about that as well. 
  • Can I write about dragons? Dragons are cool. No, you cannot write about dragons. Although, if this blog debate does well, there will be a sequel blog party, called Dragons vs Vampires, which is another reason to join.
  • Were you serious about preferring LSD? You know that’s really bad for you, right? No, I wasn’t serious, although I appreciate your concern.

Now for some super subtle persuasion: 

photo credit: Foreverliving.com
photo credit: wikpedia
“Join me, and together we could rule the galaxy.”

I think you get the point.

I Attend a Blog Party, and some Announcements

A picture of us bloggers partying it up. I’m the guy punching the giraffe. I hate giraffes. Photo Credit: androidpit.info

You know what’s fun? Parties. Okay, in my experience, most parties are less than entertaining. I usually spend my time at them awkwardly drinking soda in the corner while everyone else is dancing to loud, irritating music.

But blog parties are completely different from regular parties. For one thing, the type of music being played is entirely your choice. You can have loud music, quiet music, or no music at all, and you won’t have to deal with any annoying people telling you to “Put on Gangnam Style!” because those people most likely don’t have blogs, and if they do have blogs, they can be playing whatever type of music they want and you don’t have to listen to it. That’s the best part of a blog party; everyone is free to dance (if they even want to dance) to any type of music. Plus, no one’s self conscious because no one’s actually there to judge.

I highly recommend you join this blog party.

Need another reason to join this blog party? Well for starters, the host is Paulina Czarnecki, who’s  blog is so cool that I sometimes use it as an ice-pack.

So yeah, you should probably go over and take a look at this page, which has the links of all the other blog participants in the comments below. And maybe you could add your link too.

And here’s the song I’m dancing too.

Don’t judge me. I love this dance craze, even though it’s already getting old. Ha! Get it?

Other Announcements:

  • I’ve recently written my first chapter of a time travel novella, and I’d be honored if you took the time to read it. I’ve noticed that the post has gotten a decent amount of views but barely any comments, so I don’t know whether people liked the post or not or if they didn’t even bother to read it in the first place. So if anyone does read it, please tell me what you think about it, even if you hate it. Don’t be afraid to hurt my feelings.
  • This blog’s only ten comments away from someone winning the 200th Comment Blog Award I told y’all about here.
  • Finding Nemo is the greatest movie ever.